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Great visits with Santa & Mrs. Claus don’t happen by themselves. Pre-planning and careful pre-work ultimately make for the best visits! Follow these tips below to help make your visit with Santa and/or Mrs. Claus a memory that will last a lifetime.

Santa and Mrs. Claus are available for nearly every event as a performing duo! Please note that items marked with an asterisk (*) are events where Santa or Mrs. Claus must fly solo.

Our Services

A little girl shares her wishes with Santa

Photo/Video Sessions with Professional Photo/Videographers

Santa, Mrs. Claus, and/or their helpers typically partner with a photographer to provide mini photo-sessions. We book these in minimum 2 hour blocks. These bookings typically are done on weekends in September thru November, to ensure they are ready for Christmas, but can really be done any time of year with any theme. Suggested themes: Fishing with Santa, Pool Side Santa, Baking with Mrs. Claus, Storytime with Mrs. Claus, Winter Photos with Jack Frost, Candy, Valentines, Easter themes with Merry the Sugarplum Fairy. Your imagination is the only limit! Click to Book!

Mrs. Claus shares a giggle with a little boy.

Private Photo/Video Sessions

Photos with Santa, Mrs. Claus, and/or their helpers are always special, and there are many ways of making it happen. We book with the end client directly for private photo shoots with the Clauses in your home, at the pool, or at a park or local photo studio. Imagine taking your newborn baby's first photos with Santa, or Mrs. Claus delivering adoption papers to a foster child, or Santa bringing home a military family member to a young child. Imagine the excitement of a special delivery of a new puppy to a first-time dog owner. These are special memories that may only happen once in a lifetime, and we as Clauses and helpers would be thrilled to be a part of these special milestones and occasions! Book your preferred pro (or we can offer referals) to take photos and videos or use your own equipment and skills!

Avoid the hassles and frustrations of standing in long, fidgety lines which usually results in receiving a single photo, regardless of whether or not you are pleased with your 'One Shot'. Favorably, in a private photo session, we will happily take the time to personally and fully engage with each child(ren), enhancing our chance for a successful outcome with amazing photos and/or videos which you and your loved ones will enjoy for generations. These are typically booked in 1 hour increments to give plenty of time to get the maximum photo and video footage with the highest quality images.

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Jack Frost, Santa Craig Cringle, That Filipina Mrs Claus, Merry the Sugarplum Fairy

Promotional Photo/Video Sessions

We know that our clients want to feel highly optimistic that they will experience everything they anticipate when they meet and visit with Santa and/or Mrs. Claus. For clients who book our paid photo/video services, we are very happy and willing to work with photographers by offering up to a 2 hour marketing or promo shoot at no charge. We simply require that we are able to use the photos to market our services as well, and have permission to take behind-the-scenes (BTS) footage for our promotional purposes. We have a Photo Release Agreement that will be included in our booking agreement. Click to Book!

Santa promoting a small business.

Commercial Photo/Video Sessions

Get ready to capture the magic of the holiday season with commercial photography sessions featuring Santa, Mrs. Claus, and/or their helpers. Perfect for local retail stores, restaurants, and malls, we will work with your photographer to generate the imagery that you need to market your business effectively during the holiday season. We can use our festive Christmas Spirit to promote your business as a go-to destination in the form of print ads, video ads, banners, and more for your retail or other business. Typically, these types of shoots are done earlier in the year beginning in September thru November. Your project, of course, may vary. Click to Book!
Note: for this service, we will work through our agent for all bookings.

Hire Santa, Mrs Claus, and their helpers for your company parties and employee engagement events!

Company Parties & Employee Engagement

Your employees, patrons, and their families will feel a special recognition and appreciation when Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus, and their helpers make an appearance at your company event or fundraiser. We are very happy to visit with the children, or one or both of us can work with you as a Master of Ceremonies, or hand out gifts, awards, bonuses, and prizes, and much more to both adults and/or children alike. The Clauses always bring a smile to your guests' faces. If there are any special requests not mentioned here, please don't hesitate to ask! Click to Book!

Santa & Mrs. Claus are available for community events including parades, festivals, tree-lightings, and more!

Community Events, Festivals, Parades, Tree Lightings

Small children's faces will light up with smiles, wonderment, and joy when Santa, Mrs. Claus, and hteir helpers arrive at a community celebration of the holidays! Every child hopes to see and maybe even meet with the jolly old Elf! We are available for all sorts of community events, making an appearance on stage, interacting with families and attendees, and taking part in the "main event" - the tree lighting! We are also happy to pose for photos with the community members and leaders.

Parades can even be more exciting! With our seats in the parade we will attempt to connect with each and every audience member! We're happy to be involved with VIP encounters with the Clauses, special photos, and more. Together with planning, we can make your community celebration a joyful time felt by everyone. Click to Book!

Santa and Mrs. Claus are available for home visits, sneak-a-peaks, and more!

In-Home Visits

Santa, Mrs. Claus, and their helpers are available for home visits! We come to your home and visit with the child(ren), take photos with the family, read stories, and help create Christmas traditions. We may hand out gifts (that have been provided by the client). If you have any special requests, please just ask. We will will work with you to make your event special. Click to Book!

The ULTIMATE Christmas Eve Experience - your children catch Santa in the act of leaving gifts! Will your child believe all over again?

Catch Santa / Sneak-a-peek - The ULTIMATE Christmas Eve Experience!*

This visit is traditionally scheduled for Christmas Eve, but for the younger children, Santa may be available for other calendar dates within the Christmas season. The children are awakened during the night by their parents and "accidentally" discover Santa in their home placing presents under the tree, filling stockings, or finding a treat left for him by the children. Will Santa spot the children? Will Santa have time for a hug, a brief conversation, or a picture? Or will he slip out completely unaware that the children caught him red-handed? Perhaps no one would dare talk to Santa because everyone knows that if Santa catches you watching him he will use his Christmas magic to put everyone back to sleep with no memory of seeing him. We will answer these questions beforehand, as this customized visit will become a Christmas memory that will last a lifetime. Click to Book!

Hire Santa or Mrs. Claus to make that special delivery!

Special Deliveries

What a treasured memory it would be if Santa and/or Mrs. Claus delivered your special present. It's not too much to believe! This works great for very special gifts like adoption papers, new cars, live animals, and other non traditional, but still very special gifts. Click to Book!

Celebrate Christmas in July with Santa and Mrs. Claus!

Christmas in July at your Place of Business

Transform your retail space into a festive haven this Christmas in July with a special visit from Santa, Mrs. Claus, and their helpers! Picture the enchantment as shoppers young and old delight in encountering Santa and Mrs. Claus amidst summer vibes. The presence of the beloved figures bring joy, creating a memorable and unique atmosphere that sets your store apart.

Embrace the opportunity for photo-worthy moments, encouraging customers to share their experiences online and boosting your store's visibility. A visit from Santa not only draws families to your retail haven but also increases foot traffic, extending shopping time and presenting the perfect occasion for seasonal promotions. Align your brand with the Spirit of Christmas, fostering positive associations and community engagement. Elevate the holiday shopping experience by welcoming the Clauses, and watch as your retail space becomes a destination for festive celebrations and joyful memories. Click to Book!

Celebrate Christmas in July with Mr. and Mrs. Claus

Christmas in July for your summer festivals!

Dive into the unique enchantment of Christmas in July with Santa Claus like never before! While other Summer Santa activities may focus on the sun and surf, Christmas in July brings a special blend of midsummer magic and holiday cheer. Imagine Santa donning his summer suit, mingling at poolside, and delivering Christmas joy in a distinctly warm and sunny setting.

This festive twist stands out by offering a genuine Christmas experience in the midst of summer, complete with traditional holiday elements adapted for the season. Christmas in July with Santa and Mrs. Claus creates a memorable fusion of summertime vibes and classic yuletide traditions.

So, whether it's enjoying the shade of an umbrella or sipping eggnog by the pool, this unique Summer Santa celebration brings a delightful and original touch to the season, ensuring an unforgettable experience that sets it apart from other sun-soaked holiday activities. Click to Book!

Santa, Mrs. Claus, and his helpers are available to visit your business.

Raise Christmas Spirit with the Clauses at your Business

Do you have a big retail event happening at your place of business? Are you celebrating Store openings, big sales, Black Friday events, or even non-traditional Christmas holiday events? Any occasion or celebration is always a great time to have Santa, Mrs. Claus, and their helpers visit as a "Thank You" to the very people that have and continued to support your business, your vision, your mission, and your dreams! Click to Book!

Invite Mr. and Mrs. Claus to your celebrations of all types!

Parties, Celebrations, Weddings, Birthdays, & More

Liven up your special occasion with a visit from the Clauses! Make your birthday, anniversary, wedding, or other occasion extra special with a visit from Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus. We'll work with you to do what is needed to make an unforgettable, impressionable memory. We are available year round, even while on our summer vacation! Santa Claus is often a big hit at your backyard or pool party. For these events, Santa and/or Mrs. Claus will typically be dressed casually in a Christmas themed t-shirt or Hawaiian shirt and shorts. How many people do you know who have partied with Santa and Mrs. Claus in the summertime? Click to Book!

Invite Santa and Mrs. Claus to your HOA, Country Club, or other Organization's event!

HOA, Country Club, and Club Events

Bring the families together in your HOA, Country Club, or other club organizations with a visit from The Man in Red and his lovely bride. Allow us to work with you and make your organization's event a truly unique and enjoyable experience for your families. Santa and Mrs. Claus will surely bring smiles to all. Click to Book!

Mrs. Claus and Santa would love to serve our Military and First Responders. Reach out today!

Military & First Responder Events

Santa and Mrs. Claus love and have deep appreciation for the members of the military and first responders, and we feel that is an absolute honor and privilege to serve them in whatever small ways we can in gratitude for the amazing service for the rest of us. We are open to any and all military and first responder events. However we are able to help, we are here for you. Click to Book!

The Clauses and their helpers are available for charities, non-profits, and churches, as well hospital and medical center visits.

Hospital/Medical Facility Visits, Churches, Charities, & Non-profits

Santa and Mrs. Claus believe in the spirit of charity. These visits are available year-round, and we do our best to meet the needs of all who request our presence. We are available for making visits to patients in hospitals and medical facilities, and we offer services to churches as well. Very importantly, Medical Facilities MUST provide written approval from the MEDICAL FACILITY prior to scheduling the visit.

We also volunteer to do a limited number of non-profit events each year and including during the Christmas Season. However, requests for free or pro-bono events in October, November, and December may be limited to weekday evenings (Monday through Thursday) and are subject to availability.

To qualify for free services, these events must be free for all participants. While donations given directly and in full to the 501(c)(3) are acceptable, events that charge admission or require purchase are considered business events. Click to Book!

501(c)(3) organizations may request reduced rates for weekend events, but rate reduction or waiver of fees for 501(c)(3) organizations is on a case-by-case basis, is entirely at our discretion, and does not establish a precedent for any future events or for other organizations.

The Real Estate business is one of the most memorable and personal businesses of all. What better way to commemorate it by including Santa and Mrs. Claus?

Real Estate Events

Santa & Mrs. Claus are available for Open House appearances, to greet potential buyers, adding a unique and welcoming touch to your event. What better first memory in a new home or business can there be than a meeting with the Clauses?

To really get the attention for your real estate services, feature Santa & Mrs. Claus in your commercials to create an emotional connection with your audience. Or enhance your print ads with captivating images of Santa & Mrs. Claus, making your marketing materials truly stand out. Better yet, why not book Santa & Mrs. Claus for a client appreciation event? Click to Book!

Bring Santa and Mrs Claus to your restaurant to entertain your patrons and raise Christmas Spirit!

Restaurant Parties & Strolling Table Events

We specialize in bringing the enchantment of the holiday season to your restaurant. Our highly skilled portrayal artists, Santa Craig Cringle and That Filipina Mrs. Claus - Aila Cringle, are here to make your establishment the go-to destination for a magical holiday experience.

Santa & Mrs. Claus will be thrilled to visit your establishment, to Interact with diners, spread holiday cheer and pose for memorable selfies and photos with your guests. Gather guests for heartwarming holiday stories and sing-along sessions. Click to Book!

Santa and Mrs. Claus are available for Elf on the Shelf deliveries, pickups, and magic restoration!

Elf Deliveries, Pickups, & Magic Restoration

Do you have an Elf on the Shelf tradition in your family? We are now available for Elf Drop-offs, Magic Revivals, & Pick-ups!

Create a magical and transformative experience with Santa and Mrs. Claus. We will do a porch visit, and deliver your family's elf, visit briefly with your family and children, collect any letters or lists (optional) pose for some quick photos, give your elf some secret instructions in Elvish, and bid the family a Merry Christmas before continuing on their way to the next Elf delivery.

Magic Revivals & Pick-up services also available. Click to Book!

Santa, Mrs. Claus, and their helpers are available for virtual visits, video greetings, and phone calls.

VIrtual Visits, Video Greetings, Phone Calls, & Letters

Imagine your child's excitement when he or she receives a personalized video greeting from Santa or Mrs. Claus. These 30 to 60 second greetings can be for any reason - birthdays, holiday greetings, congratulations for a special achievement or event, encouragement, almost any reason (as long as it's kind). We do not, however, ever tell a child he or she is on or in danger of landing on the Naughty List. We can also provide these videos for older teens and adults.

Send Santa or Mrs. Claus your letters, emails, notes, etc. before Christmas and get a personalized response either Santa or Mrs. Claus. Responses can be mailed or delivered locally in discrete packaging so that Mom or Dad can deliver in their own special way. Click to Book!

We are also planning to add phone calls and virtual visits in 2024. Be on the lookout for more info!

Mrs. Claus is available to visit schools, daycares, libraries, and more all year round. Santa himself will join in the fun between Thanksgiving and New Years!

Schools, Daycares, Libraries, & More

Mrs. Claus is available all year round to visit libraries, schools, and daycares. Have storytime with the children, pose for photos, and send your Christmas wishes to the North Pole! Santa himself joins in the fun for these weekday daytime visits between Thanksgiving and Christmas! Click to Book!

Craig Cringle | Santa Claus reindeer logo

Your Very Own Custom Event

Have we missed anything? Santa and Mrs. Claus can carry out many roles in addition to those listed above, including Master of Ceremonies, Best Man or Maid of Honor, Storyteller, and more. Santa has even been known to preach and teach a lesson or two, or to teach children about the story of the first Christmas.

Give us a ring and we'll work with you to do what is needed to make a lasting impression! We will do whatever we are able to do to bring joy and merriment to your occasion!

And don't forget to ask about our helpers making an appearance too!
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