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About That Filipina Mrs. Claus – Aila Cringle

Oh, my dearest darlings, gather ’round and let me introduce myself as That Filipina Mrs. Claus, affectionately known as Mrs. Aila Cringle! With twinkling eyes that hold a wealth of holiday tales and a heart as warm as freshly baked bibingka, I am thrilled to bring an extra sprinkle of magic to your homes. Embracing the spirit of Christmas with all its love and joy, I am here to share the festive cheer with kids and adults alike. As I step into my lace-trimmed red gown, memories of my beloved childhood home in the Philippines dance in my mind, and I carry the essence of its vibrant traditions to every merry celebration. Together, let us embark on a wondrous journey, spreading happiness and creating cherished memories that will linger in your hearts for many Christmases to come. Mabuhay and Merry Christmas to all!

Between Christmases and while I am away from the North Pole, I am a professional entertainer who performs for children and adults primarily in the region of my vacation mountain home, Huntsville, Alabama, and surrounding areas of Northern Alabama and Southern Tennessee. In addition, I make myself available to bring joy to others by entertaining via

Christmas & Birthday PartiesWeddings & Anniversary Parties
School, Church, Charity, & Non-profit EventsTree Lightings
Brand AmbassadorshipsHotel/Resort Visits
Special DeliveriesParades & Festivals
Retirement/Senior Home VisitsShut-in & Hospital Visits
Health Spa EventsCommunity & Corporate Events
Home Visits & Tuck-insStory-time
Advertising & MarketingFundraisers
Grand OpeningsTea Rooms
Tea PartiesOpen Houses
Photo ShootsRetail Events
Pet Adoption & Vet Clinic EventsHOA & Country Club Events
Military & First Responder EventsBeauty Shop Events


Basically, if you can dream up the event, That Filipina Mrs. Claus can bring just the right amount of Christmas Spirit to enhance it. Let me know how I can help!

Occasionally, I can even sweet-talk Santa Claus or our other North Pole friends into making an appearance as well, though I am more than happy to fly the sleigh solo!

Nothing is too much for That Filipina Mrs. Claus! Wherever I am, it’s Always Christmas!

“It’s the spirit of Mrs. Claus, the heart of Christmas itself.”
~ Author Unknown ~

My beloved ones, gather ’round as I, That Filipina Mrs. Claus, Aila Cringle, share a cherished truth about the spirit of Christmas. Though oft overshadowed by my dear husband’s jolly presence, I, Mrs. Claus, embody the very heart of this enchanting season. Amidst the snow-kissed landscapes and twinkling lights, my heart swells with love and warmth for all who share in this festive time. Like the hearth that brings comfort on a cold winter’s night, I nurture the spirit of giving and kindness in the hearts of young and old alike.

As the days grow shorter and the nights colder, my love burns ever brighter, spreading joy and laughter wherever it is needed most. For it is in the embrace of family and the bonds of friendship that the true magic of Christmas resides. So, my dearest ones, as you gather ’round the hearth, let the spirit of Mrs. Claus—the heart of Christmas—fill your souls with love and merriment. Treasure each moment shared, for it is in these cherished memories that the true spirit of the season finds its home.

Fun Fact About
Mr. and Mrs. Claus

A long time ago in the mid 1800s, In the enchanting islands of the Philippines, a young lady halfling (half human and half elf) named Aila owned a bustling bake shop, a place where sweet wonders came to life. One fateful Christmas eve, seeking respite from a particularly bad winter storm, Santa Craig Cringle himself enter the cozy shop, as the warm aroma of pandesal and bibingka and the captivating allure of her creations swirled through the air.

Within moments, their eyes met, and a spark of magic ignited within their hearts. It was a moment that transcended time and space, where destiny weaved its spell. They fell in love, and it wasn’t long before Aila became Aila Cringle, and she embarked with Santa on a mesmerizing journey to the wondrous North Pole, to become Mrs. Claus. Now, as That Filipina Mrs. Claus, Aila brings her enchanting Asian flair, infusing the winter wonderland with joy and splendor. Their sweet encounter at the bake shop led to a love as timeless as the stars above, enchanting hearts worldwide.

Together, they sprinkle holiday cheer like stardust, weaving enchantment through every corner, making Christmas at the North Pole an extraordinary tapestry of magic and love.

Santa & Mrs. Claus sharing hot cocoa.
Santa & Mrs. Claus sharing hot cocoa.

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